The Inspiring Story of Captain Harry

Captain Hurry, The story of a young struggling young man whose goal is to try to reach the World Swimming Championships, and he suffers from many competitions and difficulties, and he has health problems, the main reason for not engaging in such a hobby, but his fierce persistence, intensive exercises, and support from his psychologically and financially poor father who does not know who Where does he bring it and I was always wondering about the money that brings it. His father always asks him to believe in the One God and raise his hands to supplicate to respond to him and achieve his goal and wish. All the axes of the book focus on Captain Omar’s relationship with his friends, his love for the One God, his parents’ love for him and his support, competition with his opponents, training, competition, and the events that occur in each local swimming match and its results. The goal was achieved for a captain in the best stadiums in the world, and it had an echo in the world. The love of his parents and his faith in the Lord of the Worlds had an impact on him in the final part.
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